5 fitness tips for the summer

5 fitness tips for the summer

Hiit workouts are on-trend, yoga is for all ages and add a good swim for stamina

1. Make a move

Walking, running or cycling in the evenings or early mornings would help you not only achieve the health benefits of vitamin D, but these forms of exercises also help increase your cardio levels, which works towards gaining a healthier body.

2. Climb that mountain

It’s a total body workout and can help increase coordination, flexibility and your range of motion. It’s a great workout, especially during the summer. Besides who doesn’t like to enjoy challenging themselves?

3. Yoga on my mind

Be it sunrise or sunset, a hot yoga session outdoors at the beach or park without going to an indoor class, especially during the summer would be enjoyable. Furthermore, with the current lockdown restrictions and social distancing norms, yoga works extremely well.

4. Hiit those workouts

Doing a short workout and sweating more at the gym without stepping out in the heat would make you burn more calories during the summer.

And don’t worry about cutting your workout short; all of these short segments help build overall endurance. In this case what is shorter might not always be worst. Exercises such as jump rope, mountain climbers and burpees work best in this format.

5. Swim a little

With summer setting in, swimming is the best exercise to beat the heat. As a form of exercise, swimming is the best way to build stamina and reduce weight, while also helping in proper functioning of the heart and aiding in blood circulation in the body. Talk about a one-size-fits-all approach to exercise.

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