New to virtual dating? Here are five tips from women who have found love online

New to virtual dating? Here are five tips from women who have found love online

Virtual dating is now the only way to go! With the lockdown in place in many cities across India, it looks like we are not getting back to offline dating anytime soon. However, this shouldn’t become a reason for you to stop looking out for love.

But there are certain undisclosed rules and tricks to dating online, and only those who have the experience know these. If you are new to virtual dating, then being aware of these rules may just make finding love a lot easier. Five women who have been successful in finding the man of their dreams on Bumble share their tips and tricks not just for men, but also for women:

Be authentic:

Being real matters! Ask Ishita Chakravarty, who met her partner within a week of downloading Bumble last year. She was impressed by her companion’s idea of the perfect date – he had stated that relishing homemade mutton curry paired with wine was his idea of the ideal date. “Everyone loves a funny, interesting, and memorable profile. You can be fun, outgoing, adventurous, love to travel, or enjoy being active, so why not share that! If you like to cook, share more about your favorite dish that you cook. Or share more about the show you are watching on TV at that moment or what a typical Saturday night looks like for you. All these help in making a woman (or a man) decide to make the first move!” says Ishita.

Your first picture must stand out:

First impression is often the last impression, so make the most of it by posting a remarkable first picture. Shreyoshi Chatterjee, who met her partner during the lockdown last year and is now married to him, says the first thing she noticed was how goofy his pictures were. She suggests men not to post pictures with a lot of filters that completely alter their look. “It’s important to be your authentic self, and do not put blurry or extremely glammed up pictures. Perhaps, show off your bright smile in the first photo?” she suggests.

Be frank, open and honest:

Honesty goes a long way, and Angana Chakraborty completely advocates it. Angana met her partner on Bumble and within a year she got married to him. She says the honesty they shared helped them take the decision to spend their lives together. At the same time, Angana believes that respecting each other’s boundaries and space is essential. “Carry on chatting with your connection if you are comfortable or politely decline, but don’t play around. We know how to take hints if you are not interested. In case a woman is not open and frank, for whatever reason, you can be courteous to give her closure,” she advices.

Patience is rewarding:

Sometimes, the waiting gets long, only to be eventually rewarding. Take Urmi Bhatt’s example. She says that finding trust-worthy people in the online space can be a little tough for women. So, it is best to give someone the time and space they requires to build a connection. “Be clear but not overtly persistent. It’s great to ask questions and keep the conversation going, but try not to go overboard with too many messages particularly with a woman, if she is taking time. She’ll come around!” says Urmi who found her partner during the lockdown period in 2020.

Be clear about your dating goals:

Keeping coversations open and being clear about what you are looking for will help both individuals involved. Prerana Ghosh, who virtually dated her partner on Bumble during the peak of lockdown last year, had a very open conversation about what her partner wanted in their relationship, and that helped navigate their relationship better. Her advice to all, especially men is, “If you are looking for a relationship, something casual or don’t know yet, state it honestly in your profile. Don’t think that the girl is judging you. Just be honest so that you can match with the right person who is looking for the same thing as you.”

So, here are five tips for rookies who are looking for dates online. If you haven’t yet tried virtual dating, now is the right time to make an excuse!

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