How to Be Stylish: 6 Money-saving Tips

How to Be Stylish: 6 Money-saving Tips

How to take style to the next level? Buy a designer bag and exclusive shoes? You can, of course. But we’re not looking for easy ways! That’s because we know a couple of tricks, how to get the price of the image without spending a lot of money or trying to win a jackpot at to buy luxury clothes by top-notch brands. These fashion secrets will surely help you save money and look stylish.

Match Your Bag to the Color Part of the Print

Fashion has gone away from the mandatory rule to match the bag to the tone of the shoes. Now everything has become a little more complicated: the bans do not exist, as if there are no bans, and many people make a mistake here. Sometimes, the bag in a single ensemble looks just superfluous, and no one will like it. Here’s a secret that will help you. Choose one of the colors of the print and look for a bag that exactly repeats this shade. Then the outfit will look more harmonious and thoughtful.

Wear High Heels

No matter how comfortable platform shoes are, we can’t deny the fact that they visually weigh down the image and do not always look organic. With pants in general, the platform looks very controversial, and some feminine dresses are just not combined with massive shoes. At the same time, classic pumps or shoes with a small thick heel will only decorate the outfit and make your legs look more elegant.

Wear Classic Prints

Logomania and animalistic prints are quite specific and transient things. It is easy not to guess with the floral pattern: to some it is a small flower, to others – a large one. Besides, trendy patterns quickly get bored and go out of fashion. But there is an eternal classic that is always relevant. The thing in a plaid, vertical stripes, or polka dots can be safely worn for many years and look more expensive than you spend on it.

Choose Textured Fabrics

Textured fabrics look more complex and interesting. The zest of your image can be a tweed jacket, which will not only draw all the attention but also create the impression that your outfit is quite expensive. As you know, tweed is associated primarily with Chanel, which immediately evokes thoughts of luxury. Corduroy, silk, and velvet also belong to the category of “noble” fabrics. All it takes is one such piece to instantly transform even the most ordinary outfit.

Match Your Metal Accessories to the Color of Your Outfit

Of course, many designers are calling to boldly combine silver with gold, but it can work only in the case of expensive and high-quality products. In order not to miscalculate and not to cheapen the outfit, make sure that all the metal elements echo in color. If, for example, you chose a bag with a gold chain, do not wear silver watches, bracelets, and rings because they will spoil your outfit. Then the image is more likely to look harmonious, thoughtful, and expensive.

Incorporate Light-colored Pants Into Your Everyday Closet

Many women have the attitude that light-colored pants are only suitable for vacation, and every day they can wear only those who travel by private car. After all, things can easily get dirty, and it looks somehow festive. We use the stereotype and create a relaxed image with light pants – they are combined with almost everything and ennoble the outfit. In order not to spoil a good thing, it is better to wear it only in dry weather.

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