6 exercise tips from the YMCA to get you moving for National Fitness Day

6 exercise tips from the YMCA to get you moving for National Fitness Day

Start moving; keep moving

Shoot for about 150 minutes (~20 minutes per day) of moderate level intensity cardio exercise per week. ProTip – Mix in a couple days of full body weight training to focus on muscular strength and endurance.

Do what you like

This may seem obvious, but find exercises that you enjoy doing and activities that motivate you to keep going throughout the week. If the den is your safe space or if you are crushed for time and can’t come into your branch, the Y has a ton of virtual classes and workouts on its new mobile app. ProTip: Get the most out of your YMCA membership by meeting with one of their wellness coaches to get connected with the right exercise plan for you.

Stay hydrated

Don’t forget to drink enough water. The minimum amount of water you should drink is half your weight in ounces. (Read: a 150lb person should drink a minimum of 75oz per day). Carry around a fun water bottle that you enjoy drinking out of and take it everywhere – errands, the Y + even around the house. 👟 Remember to eat — Be sure to fuel your body for the type of exercise you do. Even if you only have 5 or 10 minutes, eat an apple or banana + hydrate well. A healthy diet helps replenish your body and prevent nutrient deficiencies, which can impact your body’s response to germs and pathogens. An apple a day really can keep the doctor away.

Take days off

Just like it’s important to balance your workouts, make sure to find time for rest days. Recovery is just as important, plus that’s when muscle is built. Most people can reach their fitness goals with 3-4 days of resistance and aerobic combination exercise training — then take those other 3-4 days off.

Relax + de-stress

The best way to strengthen the immune system is being able to manage and minimize stress. Further, exercise and proper nutrition have been shown to effectively lower the body’s stress response.

Catch some Z’s

Finally, top off all your hard work with getting a good night’s rest. Sleep disruption has been linked to suppressed immunity, so pick a good time to go to bed and stick with it. Enjoy all the sweet dreams of achieving your fitness goals.

Why does exercise matter? According to the American College of Sports Medicine, even one single bout of exercise can instantaneously mobilize immune cells — especially those responsible for recognizing and killing virus-infected cells — and help protect you from complications + keep you healthy.

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